10 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

10 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Who doesn’t love the flavor and beauty of fresh herbs? Anyone who has added a sprinkle of chopped basil to tomato soup, or chives to a baked potato, knows that fresh herbs can take an ordinary dish and make it extraordinary. These indoor herb garden ideas will give you a little nudge to get you started! Many herbs have medicinal and mood-enhancing qualities, perfect for making your own tinctures, potpourri, or tea.

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

If you want to have all the sights, smells, and tastes of homegrown herbs right at your fingertips, but lack in garden space, growing an indoor herb garden may be right for you! Most herbs love the same temperatures that you enjoy inside your home, so they will be happy to grow indoors in any sunny spot.

Skip the cost and drive to the grocery store and go for the convenience and joy of growing your own with one of these ten indoor herb garden ideas!

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10 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Mason Jar Wall Garden

Mason Jar Wall Herb Garden

Keep your herbs safe from little fingers by putting them up on a sunny wall. This mason jar wall planter from Not Just a Housewife uses just three simple pieces that anyone can put together, and the end result is beautiful. Add your soil and herbs, and you’re ready to grow!

Hanging Kitchen Window Garden

Hanging Kitchen Window Herb Garden

If you have a sunny, south-facing window, this project is for you. The Bird and Her Song gives easy-to-follow instructions on how to create this gorgeous hanging garden that will allow you to grow all your favorites without sacrificing any counter or floor space.

Coffee Mug Planters

Add a touch of whimsy to your indoor herb garden by planting in an assortment of coffee mugs and teacups. Gardening for Today combined mug and wine glass planters with rustic wooden shelves to create a fun talking piece that looks as good as it smells

DIY Upcycled Countertop Herb Garden

Love an upcycle project? Lovely Indeed created these stylish planters from upcycled lotion bottles. Simply remove the top of the bottle, paint in your favorite colors, and plant. Genius!

Gift a Garden 

The only thing better than having your own fresh herbs indoors is sharing with a friend. Think Make Share shows you how to give the perfect hostess gift by combining a large mug, a plant, and a pair of scissors. Your recipient will think of you whenever they take a snip from their new fresh herb.

Upcycled Basket Planter

Have a small hamper or old gift basket sitting around? Create a bountiful basket overflowing with flavor with this upcycle project. Hollie Berries shows you how to combine a wicker container, paint, and garden liner fabric to create the perfect planter for a countertop or windowsill. 

Mini Garden in a Large Pot

If you have a table, countertop, or even spot on the floor that gets six hours of sunlight a day, you have the perfect spot for an indoor garden. Keep it simple by planting a plethora of herbs in one large pot, like this garden from Black*Eiffel. This would also work great on a patio or balcony. The chalkboard plant markers keep things accessible and attractive. 

Wall Ladder Garden

Make the most of your vertical space by making a charming wall ladder garden. This herb garden from P.S. I Made This uses a simple ladder planter from IKEA to create something elegant and very on-trend.

Windowsill Herb Garden

You can’t go wrong with a classic windowsill garden. A rustic wooden trough forms the basis for this herb garden from Olive and Cocoa. The chalk labels add a delightful personal touch.

Vertical Pocket Garden

Simple and space-saving. Drinking with Chickens shows you how to use a hanging shoe organizer to grow an assortment of herbs in a tiny amount of space. Hang on any sunny wall and plant away.

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Are you feeling inspired? Which herbs are you going to plant in your indoor garden? Let us know in the comments!

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