How to make an Open Glass Terrarium Tutorial

How to make an Open Glass Terrarium Tutorial

Today I am sharing with your a tutorial on how to make an open glass terrarium in 8 easy steps. This mini garden can be enjoyed indoors throughout the year and it just feeds my latest craze – geometric glass terrariums!!

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This tutorial is created by Gardener designer, Jack Wallington. It is explained in easy steps and the result is simply gorgeous. Cacti are also very easy to take care of so this will decorate your shelf for a long time without needing too much maintenance.

Materials Needed

  • A semi-enclosed glass container
  • Gravel
  • Activated charcoal
  • Compost
  • Small succulent plants
  • Decorative mosses or pebbles

The first step to create your open glass terrarium is to pour a layer of gravel of about 2.5cm deep to ensure that excess water doesn’t stay in the soil.

Next, add a layer of activated charcoal. This will prevent the growth of fungi, bacterial growth, and control odors.

Now it is time to add your compost! Make sure you choose compost that is ideal for your plants. In this case, it needs to be ideal for succulents so a fast-draining compost is ideal. Add 5 to 8 cm deep.

Remove the succulents from their pots. It is recommended to loosen the roots to encourage healthy growth. Place the plants in the terrarium and firm the compost around the plants with your hands or chopsticks if it’s too tight!

As an optional, you can cover the surface with decorative moss or pebbles to finish off your project.

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Water your new terrarium and make sure to only water it when the soil feels dry. Too much watering will cause it to rot. Make sure to put your pot on a sunny window sill! Gorgeous!

Have you ever tried to create a terrarium? This Open Glass Terrarium is definitely on my list of DIY decor to add to our new home.

How to make an Open Glass Terrarium Tutorial

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