Heart-Shaped Succulent Wreath for Valentine’s Day

Heart-Shaped Succulent Wreath for Valentine’s Day

Today, I’m putting together something a little different. With Valentine’s day closing in, I wanted to bring to you a lovely wreath tutorial as you prepare for this LOVEly day! Check out this gorgeous Heart-Shaped Succulent Wreath for Valentine!

Laura from Garden Answer gives a step-by-step guide on how to create this lovely succulent wreath with a moss-filled wreath form. She chooses a heart-shaped form to use if as a perfect decoration for Valentine’s day!

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Succulent Wreath for Valentine

STEP 1: Prepare your succulent cuttings a couple of days before you want to work on your projects in order to give the cut ends time to heal before planting them into the wreath form.

STEP 2: Soak your wreath form in warm water for about 15 minutes and let it drain for a couple of hours. This will make it very heavy but the moisture makes it much easier to work with.

STEP 3: Laura uses scissors to poke holes in the wreath form to accommodate the stem of the succulents. You will need to pull off the lower leaves on the stem so you have about half an inch of stem, that will be inserted into the wreath. She uses greening pins to affix the succulents into place.

It is important to spread out the larger rosettes around the form and fill in the rest with smaller cuttings. You will need around 100 succulent cuttings.

STEP 4: The wreath will need to lay flat for a few weeks in order to give the succulents time to create some roots into the moss form, otherwise, even with the pins we out in, they might still fall out if we were to hang it right away

The Heart-Shaped Succulent Wreath for Valentine will need to be watered every 3 to 10 weeks depending on the time of year. To water, you will need to dip it in a shallow tub of water and let it soak in the water from the back of the wreath.

Heart-Shaped Succulent Wreath for Valentine's Day Succulent Wreath  tutorial step-by-step

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Let me know in the comments, how do you bring more green into your home for Valentine’s day?

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