The Best Flowers For Balcony Gardens

The Best Flowers For Balcony Gardens

7 Best Flowers for Balcony Gardens that Anyone (even plant-killer-me) Can Grow – Tried and Tested

When running a busy life, it is essential that we have a place of beauty and peace. When I think of those two words, I think of nature. But, nature is so distant from our everyday life…especially when living in an urban area. Many of us, however, do have a small space like a balcony, that we can transform into a peaceful haven where we can get away from it all! Today, we are bringing you the best flowers for balcony gardens to make your quite refuge a place where you can regenerate.

The Best Flowers For Balcony Gardens  7 Best Flowers for Balcony Gardens that Anyone (even plant-killer-me) Can Grow

Initially, a balcony garden seems to be just like any other container garden. However, there are some challenges that we must consider before starting out.

  • Your flowers need to be able to survive gusts of winds and shifting shadows.
  • Is my balcony ready to handle the extra weight?
  • How can I keep my plants watered without annoying my neighbors below?

Before jumping into the best flowers for balcony garden, let’s address these issues!

First, think about how exposed your balcony is to the elements. If it is in a windy area, you will need to create some shelter by using windbreakers or choose plats that can handle wind.

Next, consider how much sun your balcony receives during the day. If your balcony is in a shady spot, you would need to choose some shade-loving plants. On the other hand, if your balcony is in a very sunny spot you would want to opt for silver foliage plants like artemisia, portulaca or lavender that can reflect sunlight better instead of being scorched.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, WEIGHT!! Plants can add a lot of weight to your balcony. It is imperative to avoid concrete and terracotta pots. Choose lighter plastic containers to keep weight to a minimum. You can also choose lightweight compost that is specifically created for areas like this!

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Best Flowers For Balcony Gardens


Best Flowers For Balcony Gardens impatiens
Image Source: Almanac

Impatiens are vibrant annual flower plants. It is one of the few flower plats that can survive shady balconies. It will require some early afternoon sun for the plant to produce clusters of colorful blooms. Impatiens love moist and well-drained soil. It also needs lots of fertilizers for prolific blooms.


Best Flowers For Balcony Gardens pansy

Pansies are my personal absolute favorite flowers to grow. Even with my “not so green fingers”, my kids and I have managed to grow Pansies even from seed in previous years. They will bring a new life to your balcony with their gentle scent and rich colors. They grow best in partial shade as their delicate petals do not do so well with too much direct sun. Pansies can be planted in pots or hanging basket too!


Best Flowers For Balcony Gardens portulaca

Oh, how I love Portulaca! They are low maintenance! They grow in arid sandy soil and love my Mediterranean full Sunlight! When planting Portulaca from seed, do not cover (over cover very lightly) as they need the sun to germinate. The Portulaca flowers are a colorful surprise with their different colors: pink, orange, yellow, red, cream and white!


Speaking from experience, I feel that bulbs are great for beginner urban gardeners. As I mentioned before and my husband can confirm, I am not a great gardener, I started this blog with a hope of learning with you and getting better at it! But, I have managed to grow bulbs in my balcony and they were so beautiful! Tulips, Daffodils, and Hyacinths do great in partial sunny balconies. The only downside of bulbs is that they are short-lived. Remember that after flowering, the bulbs can be dried and replanted the following autumn.


Best Flowers For Balcony Gardens petunia

Petunias are one of the most popular annual flowers and best to grow in containers. They are heat tolerant and easy to grow. Keep you Petunias in full sun, they require a minimum of 6 hours of sun. Ideally, they grow in well-drained soil and require moderate watering and slightly moist soil during daytime. Be sure to avoid ROOT ROT. They grow well in pots and hanging baskets and will adorn your balcony with gorgeous bright colors!


Geranium is an outstanding flower to grow on balconies either in pots or hanging baskets. It has a pleasant smell and very easy to grow. The only requirements are a lot of sunlight (6-8 hours) and water. It will give you bright, multi-colored flowers of pink, red, purple or white colors. Geranium plants root easily from cuttings and can be propagated during the fall.


Best Flowers For Balcony Gardens Marigolds

These annuals are cheerful and so easy to grow. Marigolds bring a wealth of gold, copper, and brass into our summer and autumn balcony gardens. They are low maintenance, require little water, pest repellent (great to repel mosquitos) and bright. Marigolds are one of the best plants for the balcony, especially in warm climates.

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These Best Flowers for balcony gardens are quite easy to grow. If they survived in my balcony, you can do it too. Choose wisely according to the location of your balcony and you will have a gorgeous head-turning balcony where you can sit and fi if you choose them correctly according to find peace-of-mind even in the midst of a chaotic life.

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